How To Paint By Numbers

Easy As  1... 2... 3...

So, it's time for you to create your first masterpiece. Below is a step by step guide of how to paint your first artwork and some helpful tips to get you started.




Choose a Number On The Canvas and Select The Corresponding Color




Dip The Brush In The Selected Paint Pot




Smear The Paint On The Corresponding Numbered Section


Repeat The Process Until The Whole Canvas Is Completely Filled Out

Stand Back And Admire Your Finished Masterpiece


Bonus Tips

Setting Up

  • Choose a comfortable chair and surroundings, with plenty of space and light.
  • A small container of water and a cloth is required to wash and dry paints between colours.
  • Make sure your paintbrush is dry before dipping it into the paint pots. 

Helpful Tips  

  • Start with the smallest areas, then work your way up to medium then large.
  • Paint the whole of one colour first, don’t stop and start.
  • Be sure to let the paint dry between colours to avoid any smudging
  • There should be no gaps between colours.
  • Take a picture of your blank canvas, it helps with small areas that can be painted over by mistake.